Eurosil - The European Association of Industrial Silica Producers

1.6. Where are we exposed to respirable crystalline silica?

Exposure to respirable crystalline silica can occur anywhere that fine particles of silica dust are present in the air. Everyone is exposed to very low levels of respirable crystalline silica dust on a day to day basis because this naturally occurring substance is so abundant on the planet. However, experience indicates that environmental exposures to silica dust (even for people living in the vicinity of quarries) are not sufficiently high to cause any disease, so we will concentrate here on exposure to respirable crystalline silica in the workplace.

Occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica can occur in any workplace situation where airborne dust, containing a proportion of respirable crystalline silica, is generated. Industries where respirable crystalline silica is present include quarrying, mining, mineral processing, foundry, brick and tiles, and construction works.

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